Monday, 5 July 2010

Devizes Food Festival - Secret Recipe for Devizes Cheescake

Find out about the secret recipe for Devizes Cheesecake at Dave Buxton's talk at the Museum this Sunday.

Davizes Cheescake was famous - Jane Austen wrote a letter to her sister Cassandra on in 1799, while she was staying in the town.

“Our journey yesterday went off exceedingly well; nothing occurred to alarm or delay us. We found the roads in excellent order, had very good horses all the way, and reached Devizes with ease by four o'clock. I suppose John has told you in what manner we were divided when we left Andover, and no alteration was afterwards made. At Devizes we had comfortable rooms and a good dinner, to which we sat down about five; amongst other things we had asparagus and a lobster, which made me wish for you, and some cheesecakes, on which the children made so delightful a supper as to endear the town of Devizes to them for a long time.”