Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Imber Open this weekend

Imber will be accessible between 6 and 9 April 2012, the Ministry of Defence have advised.

This is an opportunity to visit the village on Salisbury Plain which was evacuated in 1943 for military training and remains so today. The Grade I Listed church will be open. The church is in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust which has spent a considerable sum of money on its repair and conservation. Amongst its treasures are 13th and 15th century wall paintings; also, a 17th century table of changes for bell ringers.

St Giles Church will be open on the following dates and times:

Friday 6 April between 1200hrs and 1700hrs (Good Friday)

Saturday 7 April between 1000hrs and 1700hrs

Sunday 8 April between 1115hrs and 1700hrs (Easter Sunday)

Monday 9 April between 1000hrs and 1700hrs

On Easter Day there will be an Easter Egg Hunt in the churchyard. This will be open to all children who, on finding a token, will be given a chocolate egg. So bring the children for a fun few hours.

On Easter Monday afternoon a visiting team of bell ringers from Devon will attempt a full peal on the church bells. This will take approximately two and a half hours to complete.

Exhibitions on Imber village and its church will be on view in the church throughout the weekend. Refreshments will be available whilst the church is open.

Only the metalled roads from Warminster, Gore Cross (A360), Heytesbury and Bratton and the track leading to the church should be used. You can see an outline map of how to reach Imber by going to the Find Us page.

All other areas are out of bounds to the general public. Read the latest SPTA Newsletter for detailed safety information regarding the Salisbury Plain Training Area.