Monday, 20 February 2012

While the Museum sleeps!

John Girvan's Night at the Museum - an evening of mysterious, strange, weird and wonderful objects and stories! 9.30pm until after midnight. Friday 2 March

Using his own objects, and highlighting some held at the Museum, John will lead a guided tour of the building, whilst also telling mysterious, strange or just weird stories about objects he has accumulated over the years. Learn more about the history of the Museum buildings and possibly visit behind the scenes.

John is a blacksmith at the Canal Forge, Devizes and is known as a local historian and creator of the popular Devizes Ghost Walk. He hosts a variety of local guided walks and illustrated talks including the Devizes Heritage Walk. He is also the author of a number of local books, most recently Deeper Under Devizes, and has made a number of television appearances. Visit for more details.

Pre-booking is essential as numbers are limited to 20. This event is also only for adults as the content is too scary for children.

As this is a late event (start 9.30pm until after midnight) and light levels around the building will be lower than normal, please bring a torch and wear non-slip shoes. For your own safety, please let us know if you have any mobility, health or eyesight problems that we should take into account during the event. If it’s cold we would also recommend you bring a warm jumper or coat! Please note: although some of the stories may be strange and scary, this is not a ghost hunt or an investigation into paranormal activity despite the late hour!

Tickets cost just £10 and booking is essential as numbers are restricted. Contact the Bookings Secretary on 01380 727369 (10am to 5pm Monday to Saturday) or book on-line using via our website - but hurry, only a few places remaining. Refreshments will be available and all proceeds donated to Wiltshire Heritage Museum.

Please note, we reserve the right to automatically cancel bookings 14 days before the event if payment has not been received.