Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Introduction to Geology

An 8-week evening lecture course (with a field trip) discovering how the landscape was formed.

The series of seven lectures and a field trip, which will start on Tuesday 28 September 2010 at 7.30pm, are aimed at introducing geology to anyone interested in how the landscape was formed - from plate movements and continental drift, climate patterns and rock types to how Wiltshire was formed, the evolution of life and how man uses minerals and ores.

The lectures will be given by Isobel Geddes who has degrees from London and Oxford universities and is a Blue Badge Guide. She is also the author of Hidden Depths: Wiltshire's Geology and Landscapes (published by Ex Libris Press, Bradford-on-Avon, in 2000) and has also contributed geology chapters to other books, including The Avebury Landscape – Aspects of the field archaeology of the Marlborough Downs (published by Oxbow Books in 2005 for English Heritage, edited by Graham Brown, David Field & David McOmish). She currently produces short geology and landscape guides as well as managing Wiltshire's Local Geological Site records and related projects for the Wiltshire Geology Group.

The lecture course costs £60 (£50 for WANHS members) and places can be booked on-line at, or from Wiltshire Heritage Museum on 01380 727369 (10.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Saturday) or

The Museum’s Director, David Dawson, said “We are delighted that Isobel has offered to give this series of lectures. The content of the course is fascinating and although not focused primarily on Wiltshire, Isobel knows the county well and will refer where possible to the local landscape. Our Geology field trips are always popular and I’m sure these lectures and associated field trip will be no different”.